About Nosferry

The ship “Nosferry Mar d’Canal” has undergone a thorough and comprehensive maintenance and modernization process.

With a capacity for 450 passengers and 40 vehicles, it operates on the route between the islands of São Vicente, Santo Antão, and São Vicente.

Managed by Naviera Armas Cabo Verde, the company emerges with a new shareholder structure, 100% national, and with a new administration and vision, focused on the safety and quality of services provided to users.

It provides the Company with planning and coordination in the transportation of people, goods, and cargo, controlling all activities related to stock, service teams, equipment, and resources from conception to final consumption.

It is responsible for providing complete innovation of services to users in all sectors of maritime travel and transportation.

Centralized business support services focusing on optimizing naval operations, ship maintenance, ship crewing, office personnel recruitment, training, and development. The team has environmental and social responsibility and collaborates with public institutions.

Responsible for developing and implementing the company's IT and digital strategies, digital services for commercial divisions, digital solutions, technological innovation, development, processing, and utilization of data.